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What You Should Know.

At Cheley Camps, we know how important it is for potential camp staff to gather all the information they can before applying.  Below you'll find summer camp staff FAQS regarding Cheley Camps.  We not only have a page for Colorado camp staff FAQS, but Camper FAQS and Parent FAQS as well.  If you have further questions, please contact us anytime.    

How old do I need to be to work at Cheley?
Applicants who are at least 19 and or a college graduates are given priority for counseling positions. Support Staff are at least 18 and many are 21 and older.

Do my references all need to come from employers?
You can use a variety of sources for your references. A teacher, professor, pastor, employer, or volunteer supervisor. We ask that you do not use a relative or close friend of your own or you family.

What kind of experience do I need to apply?
We have many different positions at camp and some require more experience than others. For example, Hiking, Backpacking, Horseback Riding, and Mountain Biking are areas where prior experience is necessary.

Does an in-person interview increase my chances of being hired?
Yes, if you are in or near the areas that we travel to for interviews we suggest you make the effort. We do conduct phone interviews as well, once we have screened your application and references. We do phone interviews if your application is strong and we have a position open in your qualified skill areas.

Do I need any special certifications to work at Cheley?
Our nurses are required to have an RN, LPN, or PA, and the Challenge Course Facilitator the certification to run a low/initiatives course. Upon hiring, certain Support Staff positions will need CPR. Counseling Staff are required to have CPR and First Aid. Wilderness First Aid is required of Hiking, Backpacking, Horseback Riding, and Outcamping counselors. We provide the course at camp. However, it is recommended that you take the WFA course before you come to camp if possible.

Can I bring my pet with me to camp?
No, summer staff may not bring pets to Cheley.

Where do I live if I work at camp?
Summer housing is provided for everyone who works at Cheley. If you are a counselor, you live in the cabins with the campers and if you are on support staff, you live with other support staff in cabins around the camp property, usually close to the area where you work. Storage is limited, but the bed is comfy and the cool nights wonderful.

Do I get any time off while working at camp?
All Staff take one day/evening off each week. If you have a wedding or special event, you have to request early and we will see what we can do. Because we are a resident facility we put our campers first with regards to correct ratios in the units when we assign time off. We work with you where we can on your time off, but we are limited to the number of special requests that we can manage. Support staff, depending on your assignment, have some extra evenings off.

When do I get paid?
Payroll comes at the end of first term and the end of second term. You should come with enough money to make it until the end of first term. All you meals are provided for, and time off is limited, so you won’t be spending much. You will receive a travel allowance check when you get all of your forms completed and in the camp office.

Where do I do laundry?
Down in the little town of Estes Park, about 4 miles away, is Dad’s Laundry. This is a Cheley staff hangout. Your day off almost always involves a trip to Dad’s.

Do I need a car?
Not really. Because we hire 200 staff in the summer, and we have limited parking for cars and because you can only drive it on your time off, a car in not a necessity. You can usually always get a ride or find someone to hang out with. Camp is about four miles from the mountain town of Estes Park, and about 45 miles from Boulder. We ask you not to lend your car if you do bring one to camp.

Will I have e-mail access and cell phone coverage?
We have three computers that staff can get e-mail on. Cell phones are kept in staff lounges. The service is available, depending upon your provider. Some areas of camp have better coverage than others. Staff are not allowed to walk around with their cell phones during staff training or camp sessions. Cell phones are kept in the staff cabins or staff lounges. Campers turn in all cell phones upon arrival and are put in the safe until they depart for home.

I was on the staff in the past. What do I have to do to be on the staff this summer?
Everyone interested in being a part of the Cheley staff must apply every summer. Returning staff, email to request the reapplication.