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Cheley Reunions have become one of our favorite traditions. Our first was held in 1970, in celebration of our 50th year. Twenty years later, in 1990, we marked our 70th summer with “Celebrate 70!” Cheley Reunions were held to mark our 75th and 80th seasons. In 2010, we hosted our 90th!

The next Cheley summer camp reunion will be in 2015. In keeping with tradition, this one will be held over Labor Day weekend at Cheley. All campers, staff and families from any of our 95 years are invited. Like the others, our 95th will be reminiscent of Cheley camp life, filled with the things we like most about being together. We’ll hike, ride horseback, fish, sing, reflect together in chapel and enjoy barbeques. Lodging will be available at camp or in nearby Estes Park. We’ll keep you posted as we make our way toward 2015.